Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mary Jane - Stage 4 Algebra Problem, Tia and Tom

Today we sloved an algebra problem to caulate how much would be spent and earnt by 2 twins named Tia and Tom, The problem was that the twins were different with there money because Tom spent money and Tia saved money so we had to figure out who will have the most money on what day and we finished the problem fast, I think that this was easy but not to early because we all got it but we all made one little mistake we all started from 18 dollars not 20.

I would do this task again because its really fun and we are building our knowledge and we are also building a great knowledge for what we will be doing in high school oe college which make the year 8's ready and also the year 7's for beganing there years as a year 8 and also when they leave for college and high school so I thought that this was a very good educational task and I used a lot of things like plus tables and that but it was very easy.

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