Friday, 9 November 2018

Technological World Inquiry presentation

WALT - discover the changes in the technological world.

Throughout the weeks we have been doing an Inquiry presentation about the technological world, in this presentation we got some questions given to us from the teachers but me and my group added some extra questions just to give it some detail. 

The topic/technology we chose to write about was phones and how they have changed our lives and our they have changed throughout the years, something I learnt about doing this presentation was that phones were originally made in 1876. 

Something I enjoyed about doing this task is that I actually got to learn about how phones have changed so things like when there were no phones families went out and kids went outside to play and have fun, when phones came people still preferred to play outside and sometimes talk on the phone but NOW kids are always on their phones, they barely get out in the sun. 

Something I didn't enjoy or found challenging was finding out weather the inventor was scottish or french but I did a lot of searching and found my answer.   

How do you think phones have changed?
Do you know any technology that has changed? 

Maths Reflection

WALT - add, subtract and finish decimal problems.

In the middle block we have been working on maths, this terms maths is mainly focused around decimals and how to solve them. This morning maths we were finishing off the worksheet we had been given from our teachers, these worksheets have a lot of decimal questions ranging from adding and subtracting to word problems etc.

Here is a few questions I had done.
1 - 5 one + 4 tenths = 4 ones + 14 tenths.

4 ones + 14 tenths is the same as 5 ones and 4 tenths because 10 tenths are the same as one whole or 1, so 4 ones + 14 tenths = 5 ones and 4 tenths.

- 2.4 =

So the reason the answer is 1.2 is because starting from the right side .6 - .4 = .2 and moving over to the whole numbers and go 3 - 2 = 1 then add 1 + .2 = 1.2 giving us our answer.

Something I enjoyed about today's maths is that I got to do it with my friends and we were all focused and we all wanted to succeed in our maths today. One of the things I found challenging about today's maths was that I found one of the questions a bit hard and it was the first question I gave you guys, I didn't understand it until it got properly explained.

What is 4.5 - 12.3?

Image result for maths

Image result for maths

Banding pest in New Zealand (My response on someones Opinion on banding pest)

WALT - give our response and have a voice with someone's opinion on banding pest.

Today throughout the first block we have been learning about pest and how they affect us with the very lovely Ms Treena, in this conversation there was a lot of debate with an opinion  by a person named Nature watch, their opinion was "Animals that are called 'pests' should be treated with more respect.

In the conversations there were a lot of disagreeing and agreeing but what I found was that even though people were agreeing with each other people's opinions were still different to the person who thought or agreed with them. Some peoples disagreed because they thought that pest didn't deserve to be in New Zealand, some were stuck in the middle and slightly disagreed saying that they want every animal to be shown respect but they are attacking our natural wildlife and some people completely agreed saying things like every animal deserves respect and they shouldn't be wiped out.

My opinion was in the middle because I do feel as that everything and everyone deserve respect but these animals are killing our native animals. 
My opinion - "I slightly disagree with you because I do believe everything and everyone deserves respect, but you do have to keep in mind that these "pests" are killing a lot of New Zealand's native animals and remember when these native animals are gone you can't exactly get them back. I understand that you want all animals to be shown respect as do I but these animals haven't been showing OUR native animals respect at all and if you personally think that cats eating our native birds is respect then i'm going to have to disagree with you. I do think everything and everyone deserves respect but you do have to keep in mind that New Zealand's wildlife can ONLY be found in New Zealand and if these considered "pests" continue to get shown respect then we are more likely to see our wildlife and environment die out and then New Zealand wont be the amazing and unique place it is."

 Something I found enjoying or fun about this is that I felt really entitled to my opinion like I really felt like I had a voice in a serious topic because these is a big dis cation in New Zealand right now. Something I found challenging about writing this is that because I did agree with them but I also disagreed with them and it was a bit hard to put that in a nice way,  my next steps are going to be writing and giving my opinion in other things not only in this topic.

Image result for pest in new zealand
Image result for pest in new zealand

Image result for native animals
Image result for native animals

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Technology Reflection

Mince Pasta -

Ingredients -
Macaroni Pasta
Tomato puree 

Equipment -
Frying Pan
Mesasuring Cup 

Instructions -
Boil pasta in a pot with cold water until soft.
Drain under a Colander.
Fry onion until its soft and then add in your mince, when its done add in your tomato puree, cheese and spices.

Something I learned today was how to cook a very flavoursome Mince pasta, the reason why I liked cooking this today was because it was quite easy and fun do with my buddy/partner.
Something that I found challenging was breaking up the mince because it was quite hard to break but other then that it was really fun and easy. 

When the cheese has melted add your pasta and wait for a little bubble then take it off the plate and eat.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Manaiakalani Reflection

WALT - Reflect on the Manaiakalani film festival.

Today Manaiakalani school were invited to Sylvia park hoyts to watch the school movie that the schools and classes have made and presented to us.  

The first thing we did was pick our buddies from the younger classroom (Room 4), my buddies were Lynch and Jannet. After we finished picking our buddies we went out to morning tea before we hopped onto the bus.

We all walked to the buses and filled the buses up as much as they could, on the way to the movies it was kinda quiet a few songs being sang here and there but all in all I enjoyed the drive there. Hoping out of the bus was a nightmare it was SO hot! But as we walked to the hoyts I grabbed my buddies hand and walked to the cinemas in a line with the rest of the class.

We walked into the move theater just in time because as we walked in it was our turn to watch the amazing movies school had made. We sat there for a few minutes and then the light went down and we started to begin to watch the movies.

My favorite movie was probably one of our ones the T.E.A.M movie by room 9 and 10 because it reminded me of the good days at camp and it was in general a really entertaining video to watch. My favorite movie from another school was probably the rubbish monster because it was a good meaningful movie with a good reason to be putting rubbish in the bin.

On the way back it was very quiet cause half the people were sleeping but people were still singing and talking, I personally enjoyed it because it was a fun ride back because I could talk to my friends because I forgot to mention this but I didn't sit next to my friends it the bus. I really enjoyed this years Manaiakalani because every video had an amazing meaning and they were all entertaining.

Have you been to Manaiakalani?

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Technology Reflection

Ingredients -
2 cups of SRF (Self raising flour)
1 cup of sugar 
1/2 cup of oil 
1 egg
1/4 of coca 

Inscrutions -
Combine all ingredients together into one bowl, do not mix it slowly and gently fold the mixture until there is no visible flour or cocoa. After you finish folding your mixture get a big spoon and scoop the mixture making sure that it is at least half of the spoon with your batter/mixture.



Technology Lesson

These instructions are what we need to be showing all the time and inside of the class while cooking. TOday we were going to be making quiche and the ingredients we would need were - 
  1. Two slips of pastry
  2. Ham
  3.  eggs
  4. Oven 
  5. Knife
  6. Muffin Tray
  7. Whisk
  8. Cheese 

The first thing you want to do is preheat your oven to 250 degrees, after you preheat your oven you want to crack your  4 eggs into your bowl and whisk them after you have whisked them add ham and cheese until you have well combined. Put your mixture to the side and start to cut your pastry into the size of your muffin tins. Place the pastry into the tin and start to scoop out the hard parts of your mixture (ham, cheese) into the cups of pastry, after  you fill the pastry with the ham and cheese pour the egg into a cup and slowly fill the pastry up with egg. If you have any pastry left you can either put it on the top or double it up before you add your mixture.