Monday, 18 September 2017

Mary Jane - Ko Te whakatuaki o te wiki - T3W9

Today room 10 did one of there weekly task called whakatuaki o te wiki, this is again I have said this in so many things but this is a great task to see what others peoples views are and its great to teach others new launages, I think that these would be a good thing to do when your bored or a task to cut time because its fast and easy and really educational.

I think that this is fun because I get to learn new words and I also really enjoy this task because once again its fast and fun and its really good and educational at the same time and its really good to teach others and yourself a new launage.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mary Jane - Technology Hard Materols

Today in technology today we learned how to make pictures and iteams into straight things like for an Ice cream the top part of the ice cream will have to be done with straight lines and we also learnt how to cut glass and for me it was fine but I wasnt the best at in to be very honset but I still thought it was really fun, Another thing I really enjoyed was when my friends tried to help me with Ideas because they didnt know but I thought that it was funny and cool at the same time and I cant wait for the next one but unfortunalty I didnt get any photos but I will next time, Hope you enjoy my blog post and blog.

Mary Jane - Vector wero whitewater rafting

Last week my class went to vector wero whitewater rafting, At first I thought that it was going to be fun until I relized that I forgot to bring spare cloths so then my mind change I was freaking out because I thought that I was going to get in big trouble but I didnt I just got a small growling because I should of known but one of the other teachers got me some spare cloths. When we got into the boat I was nervous but I got used to it and it turned out to be really fun, In this presentation you will see the terms and coditions and also the site so if you want to try this experince yourself then keep reading and watching, Hope you enjoy my blog post and my blog.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Mary Jane - Qualities - Careers T3W6

Today the year 7 and 8's of Tamaki Primary did one of their usal programs called careers, This is done by one of the teachers from Tamaki Primary, The Teacher talks to the year 7 and 8's and teachs them about what different careers there are and the difference about them also she helps us learn more about our selves and also help us and others to learn more about each other, I like this program because I learn more about myself and others.

I think other schools should do this program because people and others can learn about  them selves which is good because some people dont know who they are yet and doing this may make them feel comfrontable and make them feel like they know themselves.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Mary Jane - Book Box Drawing

Today my class did a small fun activity called book box, Book Box is where you chose a book your level and once you have finished reading it 2 - 3 times then chose the genure and it gives you certain questions to see if it was that genure and also to see what your understanding of the book and the task.

Here is my book box countinue to read it to find out what mine was and what I thought of the book.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Mary Jane - Similes Practice task - T3W5

Today room 10 my class did a task called similes practice, This was a good task because it helps our understanding of using similes and also other understanding there point of view, I think that this was a good task because again it was good so other and ourselves got to understand similes more.
In this slide show you will see the understanding I have for similes and what I would say with that sitution and that is how I got my answers.

Hope you enjoy my blog post!!

Mary Jane - Dare: Session 3 Relfection task T3W5

Today My class room 10 was doing a reflection on a program called the dare program its a program to educate kids about drugs and achool, I also think that this is a great task or program because it talks about what drugs and achool and that means it would stop young people like us to do stupid things with the drugs or achool, I really do think that this is a great fun and educational program that I really enjoy.

I think that we should keep learning about this because people our age are slowly getting into drugs and achool and think that its cool and fun but its really bad and dangerous so you shouldnt do drugs and achool when your very young and you shouldnt misuse drugs and achool too.
Hope you enjoy my blog post.