Thursday, 15 February 2018

Mary Jane - Graphics Lesson 1

Today the year 7 and 8's went to technology for the first time this year, it is very new to the new year 7 and I think they really enjoyed it and I enjoyed it myself as well one thing I have to say is that this is. Today we did a google drawing about ourselves and the things we enjoyed/liked .
We learned about how to make our backgrounds transparent and things like that by writing in png and another thing we learnt today was how to make collages obviously its not very hard by it was very fun to do because  I got to see what my friends were doing and they get to see what I like and things like. 
As you can see in the drawing we got to make an avatar if we didn't want to take a photo of ourselves and there is mine right there its not the best but I tried my best to make it look the same. 
And in the next section we will be learning how to make a phone stand.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Mary Jane - Attitude Lesson 1

Last week the Room 9 and 10 had an attitude lesson with Tony, attitude is a program to teach young kids things such as how to have healthy relationships and so kids can know who they are and things like that they also teach much much more and its an amazing program because they share funny stories and play games.

In this attitude lesson we were learning who we are from our personality to our genes in our blood and I thought that this was very interesting because I am a beaver which is when you want to do things at the start. 
Continue reading the DLO at the top to learn about attitude and to find out what I learnt. 

Friday, 2 February 2018

School Values - My Goals

Today Room 9 and 10 of 2018 did their school value goals which is Whanaungatanga, Ako, Manaakitanga, Tukumarie and Rangimarie these are all very important keys in life and should be shown consistently in your life in and out of school, The reason these values are important is because these form what character or person you are.

My goals are featured at the top in the DLO (digital learning object) with many different photos the reason why I have picked the goals are also listed in the top of the DLO as well I would like to make these goals work and if so last the who year so my last year at Tamaki Primary is amazing, fun and drama free.

I think that these goals should be used in everyone's everyday life because you wouldn't be liked and no one would want to trust you and just because it forms who you are as a person as a human as I said before and I think that's something extremely important considering I almost use these every single day and they form who I am.

I hope you enjoy my blog post and I hope everyone has a fun first week of school for 2018 and I hope you enjoyed my first blog post of 2018.
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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Mary Jane - Wonder reflection

Today the senious of Tamaki primary / Room 7 to 10 went to watch a movie to watch a new movie that just came out, That movie is Wonder the movie wonder is about a boy with a wonder because of his rare difromatie that has affected his face. 
This difromatie is called treacher collins syndrome and it affects someones face and in this case it has affected a little boy named August, This movie was very cool and had a lot of good things to tell adults and also young children as well because it tells people to acept people for who they are and a qaote that I really liked was if you ever have the choice of being right and being kind always chose kind.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Mary Jane - Mauri ( Sense of belonging )

This Morning my class room 10 and room 9 did a small task that inculding drawing and and Mauri but some students weren't here but it was fun because it was really quiet and I did a lot of work and things like that, In this task we had to draw things that represented us and our Mauri which if some of you didn't know Mauri means a sense of belonging so we had to draw something that mean't to us and what made us feel like we belong and we used symbols and drawing to do that.

The first thing I drawed was a symbol that contected together and I used this to represent family and friends because no matter how many times we fight and yell at each other we always seem to get back together just like the symbol, Another reason why I chose this symbol is because it means that again no matter what we do to each other and how angry we get we always get back to being friends and becoming as one just like the symbol.

The second symbol I did was a moon and a star to represent home because when I have family I have a home and also because we always spend time together as a family and things like that and also because we spend night and day together so thats why I did that symbol and things like that but the main reason is because the moon and the stars are like your home because no matter what it always follows you and our ancestors well my ansectors used the moon and the stars to find their which is another reason why I did this symbol.

The second to last one or the thrid one is a flower this flower symbol represents love because I think love blooms just like a flower sometimes when flowers bloom they dont last long and weren't ready to bloom just like love but some flowers bloom and last for a very long time despite having troubles like no rain no sun and that like some relesionships they last long even though they face challenges that is why I chose the flower symbol.

The last one is a Cook Island flag which shows my Cook Island flag this is only a small amount of my cultures which is why I have only done one and the reason is because the past year I got to learn more about my Cook Island side and things like that so thats why I have chosen this as a symbol.


Friday, 10 November 2017

Mary Jane - Te Tuhi Leasson 2

Today my class went on a little free trip to Te tuhi which is in pakurange, If you didn't know Te tuhi is a free art gallery where you can do lots of things and most of them well all of them are really fun to do the thing I like about when I go to Te Tuhi is that its a chance for us to go out of class and do something well things that we dont always get to do in class and things like that. Another reason why I love going here is free because you can go out with your family and look at all the different things they have created and some of those things are AMAZING, Like the other times we went there and also today we saw these elders painting and their paintings were AMAZING like they could be sold for lots and lots of money good!
Tolday we learnt about Turangawaewae which if some of you didn't know it means a place to stand and things like that it also means to have the rights to stand in a place or somewhere and to me its kind of like having a place or area that you can call home and if you want to see of hear more click on the slide to find out the other things we did!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Mary Jane - How to make yogurt

A few days ago my class made yogurt and here are the instructions and the methods and things like that, and there are 3 intrseting facts im not going to make this long because all the instructions and things are in the google drawing!