Thursday, 24 May 2018

Day and Night Explanation

Today I have completely finished my Day and Night Explanation writing, Im not going to be doing a lot of explaining because most of the explainting is on the actual slide and there is a lot of fun facts in there about the 3 topics I have written about and thing like that, Hope you enjoy.

Technology Reflection

Today was our normal Thursday because as usual we have gone to Technology at Tamaki College, this week for technology we were drawing 7 circle patterns and as you can see down the bottom there that is a 7 circle pattern/drawing.
This week was fun because I got to try something new because I have never done a 7 circle pattern/drawing but unfortunately mine was not coming out as good and I have not completely finished so I will show some images down below. Using this 7 circle pattern/drawing can give you many different designs such as a star, cubes and a circular flower pattern/drawing.
Something I found challenging about this lesson is I think using the compass to draw seven even circles to me that personally was the hardest thing about this lesson and I think that was the only thing I found challenging today because I don't use compasses I just draw uneven circles and thing like that.
My favourite part about today was probably trying to use the compass even though it made me a bit angry at points because it kept moving and not coming out looking like a circle I still tried and things like that, another thing I think I really enjoyed about today was seeing my friends try it because they thought it was hard but I liked how they tried their best.


Image result for 7 circle pattern

Friday, 18 May 2018

Camp goals

Today my classroom 9 and the other classroom finished up our camp goals. 
After we finished our camp goals we finished we were asked to personalize our writing into something we wanted to present to our blog, I thought that this task was good because I now know what I really want to do at camp.
I cant wait for camp thanks for reading my blog. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tai Chi Reflections

Today we had our 3rd Tai chi lesson,
This lesson instead of going into the hall we went into the music room because something else was going on in the hall,  this week we did these potions white Crane, Money Washes face, full body, Tiger form, from the earth, from the sky, breath through heart, opening channels, these are our weekly Tai Chi exercises that we do.

After doing all our Tai Chi exercises we did our sharing circle were we share our positive comments, negative comments and our random act of kindness this is one of my favourite things about Tai Chi because I get to learn about other people and because it also means we are closer to the game, we also did the power word of the week which was communication and we discussed what we all thought the word meant to me communication means talking and socializing with others.  

When we finished our sharing circle we played a game of charades but the group got to chose what the person standing up had to be we had the choices of Animals, Superstars, Superheros, my instructor Mr Gordon started first for him we chose superhero the superhero he chose was wolverine. After some other people went we all decided that we were going to add in New Zealand movies, animals etc and when it was my turn I chose the scene were Rima was singing happy birthday to Ricky Baker from the Hunt for the Wilderpeople, my end thoughts of this lesson was it was very fun especially since we got to play a game.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Gordon our instructor/teacher for taking time out of his day to come teach us his amazing Tai Chi thank you so much!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Technology Reflection

Technology Reflection -
Today for Technology we were finalising our phone stand designs I think my phone stand came out very very good because I had been working on it all last term and all this term as well, I think my next goal is to finish the 3D printing and everything like that so I can take it back with me to show everyone, we also didn't have our original teacher for graphics because she was not here so we had a lovey teacher named Ms Smallwood.  

Another thing we did today was make a presentation and I will be inserting this after this reflection and everything, I thought that this task was really fun because I got to finish my design and write about it and very. Another thing I really enjoyed today was sitting next to new people and I got to know some things I didn't know about them.

The thing I enjoyed the most with this weeks Technology is that I finally got to finish my design and I am really proud because it took so long and things like that and I can't wait to see what it looks like after all the designing i'v done and I also can't wait to take it home, can't wait to take my design home!

Here is my Presentation - 

Monday, 30 April 2018

My first blog reflection about Term 2 2018

As some of you know Term 2 for school has just started and were going to be kicking it off with a blog post about what I did these school holidays and so much more but you have to keep reading to find out.

This school holiday I went to Otahuhu for my cousins early 7th birthday, something I thought was challenging was fitting four people in a truck that had to sets not including the driver, at the end of the day I thought it was fun and there weren't a lot of people there because of such short notice but it was awesome and I cant wait for the next little family gathering.

Another thing I celebrated these holidays was my nephews 1st birthday I know so many birthdays but this was also amazing and fun because we watched him try a cake for the first time and also because I got to spend the whole day making the birthday dinner and with him.

The last thing I did was watching the quiet place it was very scary and I don't recommend it for someone who gets scared fast, the movie is about a family who couldn't talk because a scary monster thing would come and eat them sounds childish but I promise you one thing you will get scared.

The biggest thing im looking forward to this term I think is camp because we are going to be doing so many amazing cool things there and because I get to spend more time with my friends because we usually only see each other at school.

 Something I think i'm going to try improving on is getting more work done and making sure its on a really good standard and I want to make sure it constant I want to do this because it can help me so much with different thing in like and i'm going to do this with less talking being more focused even if its a subject I dislike, I think some people that can help me with this is myself by moving from the place that's distracting me and my friends can help as well because if I ask "Please be quiet" then they will be quiet and also teachers if they see I start getting distracted then they can move me or my friend.Image result for number 7Image result for Raglan campImage result for Number 1

Friday, 6 April 2018

Technology Reflection

Today at Technology we got to learn things like Ellipse, Graduated Shading (Slowly), Cylinder and cone. Today was really fun because I got to learn so much from this lesson and things like that another reason why I really enjoyed this is because of how much I learnt from it, here are a few things that we learnt the first thing was Ellipse and this is when you get a square shape and draw centerlines, the next part is when you draw an oval shape in the middle. 
Another thing we learnt was Graduated shading where you started you shading dark and slowly started to make it light or when you make it dark light dark.

Something that im going to be taking away from this lesson of technology is that I can do things and things like that I will insert photos of our work and things like that down below.