Monday, 3 July 2017

Mary Jane - Ko te whakatuaki o te wiki - T2 W10

Today room 10 did another whakatauki o te wiki but this time it was about well wasnt about goals but kinda was because that how I saw this quoate being but it might mean something different to you because not everyone is the same, I think that this is a great task to learn differnet launges and other things like that because you get to see everyones point of viiew. 
Do I think that this is a great task?
I do think that this is a great task because you learn so much from it and also because its just a fun task to do to me it is a great task to do but maybe other people might not like it but thats ok.
Hope you enjoy my blog post.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Mary Jane - The 7 stars of Matariki T2W9

Today room 10 did another Matariki goal setting but it was much more different because it involed the different Matariki stars if you dont know the stars you will find out in this slide and it will also show how I will embody this goal and this star, I thought that this task was really fun because you can change your goals and it doesnt really about learninh and it can really mean about what you want to work on.
 When I first saw this task I thought that this is a normal goal setting but again I was surprised to see how much different it was to a normal goal setting slide because your goals could be related to almost anything which is amazing for me, When my friend saw this she thought the same so we talked about kind of what we would do with this slide and we found a way to make it work we made sure that it was involed with school and outside of school.
Hope you enjoy my slide show and also my blog post.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Mary Jane - Matariki Celebrations T2W8

Yesterday room 10 did a slide about the different things you can do for Matariki and the different things tamaki primary and my class can celebrate Matariki,
I thought that this task was fun because we got to find the task and the teacher gave us a site to see the different things that we could go to and that we could go to as a school or even just with your family which is really cool and the amazing thing about the site is that it tells you the cost where it is and when it is which most sites dont do if you want to learn more about the things you can do at Matariki than have a look in the slides and if you want the link it will be down at the body of the post.
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Mary Jane - Taku rakau whainga / My goal setting tree T2W8

Yesterday my class room 10 started on a slide where we have to set goals for after the maori new year,
I thought that this was a fun task because we got to learn more about the different goals that we actually wanted to do I didnt relize that the slide would be like this I thought it was the normal goal setting slide but it wasnt it was a lot more funner and a lot more personal for the students and I think that this is a lot better than the old ones.
If you want to see my personal goals then have look and if you also want to see my school goals then flick through the slides to see what they are and there is a slide asking about the year and if you want to see what happened then have a look at the slide.
I hope you enjoyed my blog post!! 

Mary Jane - Food Technology

Today in food tech we learned how to make a pasta salad and here are the ingredients and the method we learned,
Ingredients - 
Pasta / We used macorone pasta 
Ham / Bacon 

Method - 
The first thing you want to do is take your pasta out of the bag and put around 3 cups of water into a pot, after adding your 3 cups of water you want to place your pot on the top of the stove. Again after finishing that you can place your pasta into the pot, wait for the pasta and water to start boiling and make sure you stir it so it doesnt get stuck to the pot and if you dont know how to cook pasta than get a fork or spoon get the pasta out and run under cold water, after you have done that touch it and see if its soft if it is its finished.
After doing that you want to cut your other ingredients into small pieces and than add your pasta to those ingredients 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Mary Jane - Planting day relefection, Ra whakato rakua

Yesterday Tamaki primary and some other schools went on a small little trip to plant some native trees, I thought that this was a really fun walk at the start but half way there my legs started to hurt and I hated it and so were my friends also because one of my friends wanted to hold my bag and it was really heavy because it had the teacher aids lunch and also my friends lunch in it so it was really heavy, I thought that this would be fun but we ended up going to the wrong places and I got so annoyed and wanted to stop,
Keep reading to see more about the tree planting trip,
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Monday, 19 June 2017

Matariki stars for maths - Mary Jane

Today room10 my class got to do some maths about matariki we got taught the shape of matarki and how if never changes the only thing is that it rotates this is my photos of a hook showing even if it is rotated it still is the same thing,
The first one which is the left one if a 360 degree angle of the matariki and the second one is a 90 degree angle but if you didnt know the thrid is 180 degrees and the last one is 270 and than it goes back to 360 degrees again,
I learnt a lot about matariki and degrees not only that I also learnt that they dont flip and they only rotate.
Hope you enjoy my small little blog post!!