Friday, 10 November 2017

Mary Jane - Te Tuhi Leasson 2

Today my class went on a little free trip to Te tuhi which is in pakurange, If you didn't know Te tuhi is a free art gallery where you can do lots of things and most of them well all of them are really fun to do the thing I like about when I go to Te Tuhi is that its a chance for us to go out of class and do something well things that we dont always get to do in class and things like that. Another reason why I love going here is free because you can go out with your family and look at all the different things they have created and some of those things are AMAZING, Like the other times we went there and also today we saw these elders painting and their paintings were AMAZING like they could be sold for lots and lots of money good!
Tolday we learnt about Turangawaewae which if some of you didn't know it means a place to stand and things like that it also means to have the rights to stand in a place or somewhere and to me its kind of like having a place or area that you can call home and if you want to see of hear more click on the slide to find out the other things we did!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Mary Jane - How to make yogurt

A few days ago my class made yogurt and here are the instructions and the methods and things like that, and there are 3 intrseting facts im not going to make this long because all the instructions and things are in the google drawing!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Mary Jane - How to play Hei Tama Tu Tama:


Epuipment - None 

Actions - 
1 - Hands on the hips / Every player must start with this position
2 - Both Hands up with there fist clinched 
3 - Left hand up, Right hand on hip.
4 - The same but Right hand up, Left hand on hip

Here is a photo demstrayting these actions -

Here are the steps for playing this game -

1 - Stand facing each other, with hands on hips,
2 - Player says "Hei Tama tu tama" and choses there actions which is shown in the photo and in the writing,
3 - Player to does the same as the first player but they chose a different action for it,
4 - This is when the game starts and both player say "Hei Tama tu Tama" you want to try and chose a different move,
5 - The winner is the first to notice the other player doing the same move but to get the point you have to say TAMARA and the point will go to you.
The number of people who can play this is 2 but you can have a 3 but the thrid person will have to go after the loser.
What did I think of the game?
I thought that this game was kind of dificult game to be honest but it was really fun as well but the hardest thing about playing this is that remembering to say Tamara/ Hei Tama tu tamara because you to busy being focused on what the other persons doing and what your going to do but other then that I really liked it and I cant wait to play this game again.

Here is a link to a video, click the LINK and here are some more photos!!


Mary Jane - Te Tuhi lesson 1 and 2

Today my class room 10 did 2 leasson about different pacific/polynesian tapa cloths and aritist, I thought that this lesson was fun because I got to learn heaps like did you know that most pacific/polynesian Islands make these cloths.
But anyway my teacher ( Miss Kyla ) Told us to create a DLO which if you didnt know means digital learning object about one of the artist. 
I chose Dagmar Dyck because her work is amazing and she is just one of 4 artist my class read about, so in this DLO there are 10 facts about Dagmar Dyck and what she does and there are also some photos of her and her work.
If you want to read about here then click this LINK and if you want to learn about the other artist and the stories and a the artworks they do then click this LINK
Hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Mary Jane - Zones of regulation, Google drawing

Today my class (Room 10) Learnt about the zones of regulation. If you havent heard of the zones of regulation well its basicly the regualr emotions every human well most things on earth have, so there are 4 different colours so the first one is blue which means sad or sick sometimes your day is going really slow sometimes even you may feel depressed, The second colour is green which is happy and things like feeling ready to go and do things and other things like that, The thrid one is yellow which is kind of like being axious and feeling overly excited last but not least is red which is red is angry and out of control.
Keep reading to find out more!!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Mary Jane - Mutorere Indigenous New Zealand game

Today we learnt how to play an indigenous game of New Zealand called mutorere.
It is a brain game that makes you strategize and use logic to outwit your opponent.

Here are some photos to show what the game and things like that kind of look like.

To play this game you will need to have some lego blocks you only need four make sure there the same color so you dont get confused and you will need the right sheet which you can find on google images by writing in Mutorere, There arent really any rules because its a basic game the only thing you have to do is if you wont you can bring in an old game and play rock, paper, sizzors to see who gos first. After getting that done you want always start from the side if you start first if your not kind of understanding I will add in a video ( LINK TO VIDEO )  again if you dont understand watch the video.

My personal reflection is that this is an amazing game and very easy the things you need are also really easy to get as well, I wasnt the best at this game but I still thought that it was really fun even though I lost to all my friends and class mates because there pros and congrats to Kanye for winning and beating everyone and also lovey for coming second. I had a really fun day but the biggest thank you to Miss Kyla ( My teacher ) for teaching everyone the game and showing us some videos, Hope you enjoy!

Heres some more photos and videos of us play Mutorere and also a photo of what the sheet looks like again thank you for reading.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Mary Jane - Cure kids and Kelly sport

Today Room 10 paticpated in a kelly sport event to support cure kids, Cure kids is a child center and charerdey that help kids with cancer, Asthema, still birth and much much more and supporting them means that kids around New Zealand get treated and get help from your donations which is an amazing thing if you think about it because your helping kids that really need it and an example of ways they support children health is on there site they have many many acomplicments where it shows all there brack throughs they have had and things like that.
The effect of there work and research is that children are getting treated and they are getting the help that is needed but also donating help get samples and it also helps them get more brack throughs which is amazing because again your helping small kids that really need your help.

I participated in this event by donating and playing the games that kelly sport and cure kids have given us and I thought that these games where really fun but the one I liked the most what capture the flag because everyone was working as a team even if they werent in their team and it was nice to see even though I saw a few people cheat it was really fun. 
The reason why I wanted to paticpated in this event is because its a really nice thing to do espiecally knowing that you could make someones day like you could just help a kid/child get their medicine and things like that but its not just that your helping New Zealand and others healthy again which is something really cool and im sure in you donate then it would make you feel amazing. 
I like supporting cure kids today because we got to do something fun and we got to wear muffity like come on who doesnt want to wear muffity at school and play sports and also because everyone played fair which is cool.