Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Museum Reflection

WALT: Reflection on the things we did at our first Museum lesson.

Today half of the Kia Manawanui syndicate went to an amazing educational Museum trip, in this trip we got to explore so many things and most of them were things that i've never heard of or have never experienced. In this trip we got to explore a small amount of the Museums prized possessions like there dinosaur carcass and bones and there volcano room we got to explore this with Tom and Aaron. We also got a fun lesson on robots that we got to play with other things like virtual reality and we got to do this lesson with the two very intelligent Wendy, Angelina.

The thing I enjoyed the most about this was exploring everything because it was very interesting because I got to learn so many thing that I probably wouldn't even know or learn. Another reason why I enjoyed this was because I also got to see things that I would probably never see out of the museum.

Something I found hard/challenging was with the VR (virtual reality) I didn't know how to draw properly with the controller and things like that because I didn't realize that I had to drag the controller to see what happens but then I slowly got the hang of it and then I realized what to do with it but when I got the hang of it I had to move onto the next one.

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Technology Reflection

Yesterday Morning we went to our weekly Technology, in this Technology we really had to catch up because we didn't go to Technology for the other weeks because they were busy with mid year exams and whole school day off and things like that.

The group that I am in for Technology is wood works or hard materials whatever one you prefer and the thing we are actually making is pewter necklaces. Pewter is a type or metal/steel that you can wear, and the pewter silhouette I have chosen was a Turtle and the reason why I first actually chose this was because it was for my best friend but she actually ended up leaving before I actually got to finish it.

The part that I am up to now is smoothing it and cutting out any of the parts that need to be cut so things like the area where it needs to be poured and things like that. I am also up to the part where I am shining it and polishing it up so it's got a smooth and shiny finish.  

Here is a video to demonstrate the process of making this pewter necklass.

Here are some photos of pewter necklaces -
 Image result for pewter necklacesImage result for pewter necklaces

Maths Reflection

Yesterday for maths I started our worksheet task that we had been given from the teacher. The thing we were learning in Maths were improper fractions so fractions like 9/5 and 10/3.

Something I found difficult with this was that I haven't really worked on improper fractions so some of the questions are really hard or hard to understand and things like that, something I also found hard was that because I wasn't here I didn't know what to do exactly. Something I enjoyed about yesterday's maths was that I got to do it with someone I usually don't do maths with and it was fun to see how different we figured out the problem and the ways we solve them.

My next steps or something im going to do next time is if im really stuck I should go ask the teacher for help so that way I understand what to do and how to do it because I feel like it would be better to understand what i'm doing then just guess most of the answers, I somewhat understand what I was supposed to be doing and things like that it's just next time I have to make sure if I don't understand then I should ask but I other then that it was ok.

Here's an improper fraction question -
43/7 =
13/6 =
Can you guys figure out these questions?

Photos -
Image result for maths
Image result for maths

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

GEOLOGY of the Earth

Throughout the days when I was here something we learned about was the Earth, so things like its layers, what the layers are, what the layer are made or and what they contain, so it's was a whole bunch of talking about Earth's layers.

Something I learned about doing this and learning about the Earth's layers was that the crust is really thin compared to all the other Earth layers, I also learned about the deepest hole that was drilled in the world. I learned so much but something I really enjoyed about this lesson was that I got to learn about so many things and I can't wait for the next lesson because this lesson what extremely fun because I got to learn so much and the subject what actually really interesting.

Something that I didn't enjoy about this lesson what that when we watched the videos some of the words didn't make sense or I didn't completely fully understand about what they were saying. Another thing I didn't enjoy was that the teacher that we had wasn't completely explaining everything she was explaining it amazingly but she could have gone in a bit more depth because maybe other people in the group didn't understand and because I find when people don't understand they don't put there hands up and ask questions.

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Explanation Writing Reflection

Throughout the week we have been doing explanation writing about our inquiry topic natural disasters, the disaster I have chosen is the well known Tsunami.

Here is some of my completed explanation writing -

Introduction -
Tsunamis are the third most dangerous natural disaster in the world nearly destroying anything in it's way or in it's path.

Paragraph 1 -
Tsunamis are huge waves that are caused by strong earthquakes, landslides and underwater volcanic eruptions.

This means that when the Earth’s crust violently shakes it causes a large bodies of water to pull back and rash forward causing huge waves to form and that causes Tsunami. A better way to explain this is when things like Earthquakes, landslides and underwater volcanic eruptions happen it displaces the water causing huge waves and those waves try find a stable position and the closer the waves come to shore the bigger they get.  An example is put your hand in water try make one side a bit deeper the the other, start violently shaking and moving your hand and take your hand out when you think you have shaken it enough

Paragraph 2 -
Tsunamis aren’t always caused by Earthquakes they are caused by many other things as i’ve already said (volcanic eruption underwater and on land and landslides). This happens when the water gets a sudden displacement from the volcanic eruption and it’s somewhat the same for landslides but instead huge bodies of rock and dirt push the water up causing a Tsunami, most Tsunamis that are formed by landslide aren’t as fatal as those from volcanic eruption and Earthquakes. An example is when in 1490 B.C the Minoan Civilization of Greece was struck by a Volcanic Tsunami.  The result of this is that the Minoan Civilization suffered a big loss in crops and homes.

Paragraph 3 -
Tsunamis are capable of many things, in this paragraph we will be talking about how the affect many people.
So what this means is people are nearly always affected by Tsunamis how are people affected well read the example.
An example of this is when the huge 2011 Tsunami hit Japan, it first started with a strong Earthquake violently shaking the Earth and then from that shaking huge waves are formed and that causes a Tsunami and many people were hurt and injured. The results were huge 15,896 people lost their lives, 6,157 people were injured, 2,537  people were missing and up to 360 billion USD of damage and most of Japan’s population were homeless.

Conclusion -
Tsunamis are deadly and destructive waves that cause damage nearly everywhere they hit but they aren’t just here to be destructive because everything happens for a reason.

Have you ever experienced a Tsunami or any other Natural disaster?

Here are some photos of Tsunamis - 
Image result for tsunami gifs
Image result for tsunami

Science Reflection

This morning for the whole block we did our Science about our inquiry topic which is natural disasters.
The natural disaster that we learned about the most drawing this block was the famous Earthquake and we also learned about the Earth and its Crust.

Something I really enjoyed about this was that I got to learn so much about the Earth and how it works but also all the layers of the Earth, what they are and things like that. One of the things I learned was that the Earth's Crust is made out of magnesium, aluminum, iron and a lot or other gases and minerals.
Something I found challenging about this lesson was that at certain points she didn't explain properly and she was talking really fast but I still somewhat understood what she was talking about.

Something i'm going to improve on for the next science lesson is to if i'm strugglin, not understanding anything to put my hand up and ask questions so that way I understand what shes talking about even though I might think that I know and understand but just so I can give me the best understanding I think that I should improve on asking questions for my understanding.

Photos -
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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Why I wasn't Here?

All throughout the week from Thursday to this day I was and am sick and things like that.
I first started getting sick when my sister got sick and then it started to show more and more and it got really bad on Thursday which is why I didn't come.

One friday I had to go to the doctors to get some cough medicine so I could start going to school and start feeling and getting better because at the time I didn't feel like doing anything or even eating at one point so I obviously had to stay home.
Saturday and Sunday is when we just relaxed and didn't do much because I couldn't do much all I did was watch some movie that were on, eat and sleep that's all I did nearly throughout the whole week.

Monday I didn't come either because I was still fighting some of the sickness away because I still had a sore throat and a blocked nose so I still needed to somewhat get better then what I was and I am now perfectly fine now.

Tuesday I was all fine and good but it was my nieces 3rd birthday and she really wanted me to come to her kindergarten and sing her happy birthday and I also needed to help my sister with everything because she still had so many things to do like pick her cake up, rap all her presents and things like that.
I really enjoyed this day because it was really fun and it was fun to see her reaction to all her presents and her custom made cheese cake.

Photos -
This isn't the cake but it's what it looked like.
Image result for skye paw patrol cake

Image result for sick