Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Mary Jane - Number of the week T1W10

Today in room 10 we got to do sekf mandgement I thought that I would do number of the week because I havent done it in a while so here is my slide show on my number if the week.

Mary Jane - Waka Trip Reflection

Yeasterday Room 10 went on an amazing trip in a waka, Yes a waka to be honest I was very scared I was thinking of all the bad things that would happened but as I slowly go used to the waka moving I didnt mind walking around, I think my favourite thing on the boat was the sails and the net.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Mary Jane - The Number of the week - T1W9

Today in Room 10 my group got to finish off our task from yesterday I finished mine so I did self mandgement and I chose Number of the week here is my finished number of the week,
Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mary Jane - Tāngata Rongonui - Famous New Zealanders

Today in room 10 we are doing a slide show on famous New Zealanders,
I have chosen Nancy Wake because the teacher said that she was an undercover spy during world war 2 I also learned more about this person I thought that was not real,
Here is a slide show about Nancy Wake

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Mary Jane - Attitude session Two

Today in Room 9 and 10 we got to be educated with more about the friend factor thanks to Attitude,
I learned a lot more about the friend factor because it was very instreristing because it showed us tips on how we can be better friends they also showed us some of the bad things that can harm you friendships,

Here is a reflection about the session we had and also some things that I learned from the program.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Digital Mandala art - Mary Jane

Today In Room 10 we did research about Mandalas and we had different task we got to do, this is task 3 where we get to make a digital Mandala art here is my art work,
Even though it seems hard with hand it is but on Netbooks it is even harder,

The colours in my art stand for life here the meaning -
Red stands for strenght 
Pink stands for love
Orange stands for creativty 
Yellow stands for learning and wisdom 
Green is for phyical health
Blue is for emotional healing
Purple is for all things spirtual 
White Stands for spirtual focus
black is Mystery

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mary Jane TinkerCard - Graphcis leason 5 - Technology

Today at Tamaki primary school the year 7 and 8s went to technology, 
I am in graphics and we are learning how to use a new site named TinkerCard this is very fun because we learn how to make 3D shapes. 
I learned more and did more with this site because it was instresting and it taught us how to do different things with the site and if you dont know what to do it gives you different leasons to help you with it teachs you how to shape and things like that, My teacher for graphics Miss Fergason helped us learn more with TinkerCard like how to group things/lining them together and how to make them tranceperant which was fun because I learned more about this site and it could be handy for other things.
We also leanred a lot today and with the site you really had to listen because some of the timgs where tricky to do and I also liked this because we got to help each other when other people got stuck and didnt know what to do which was fun.

Here are some photos of the site TinkerCard and some photos of my work,